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Sometimes you F*** up . . . He's Still There Though

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Sometimes you mess up, but he still is there for you. This week I have been very unfocused and deterring from my fasting and devotionals, as well as my meditation and prayer. Like I still have been talking to him but not like the first week. Still in me slacking on him and not doing what I told him I was going to do, he still placed upon my heart and mind this love for myself I have been giving to myself and I am thankful for that. I gave him all of burdens, stresses, and anxieties and he gladly took them away Sunday. I was doing good until I came back down to the Bootheel Wednesday night. That was the first night I didn't do my nightly devotional. I still talked to him and reviewed my daily. Then yesterday I found out that I got hired for a remote job that I didn't even apply for. Ooh he is being so good to me while I am messing up. I plan on doing for devotionals today before 5 pm today. I will be back on track at that point. I definitely will have to have a long talk with him this evening. Blessed me with self-love and a work from home remote job during my mess ups this week. God is always present and always so patient and forgiving.

This is just let everyone know that God is always present no matter what even when we are messing up. He gave my burdens to him and he is baring them for me and getting me through in every way, bringing opportunities to me that I need . . . whew Thank you !

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