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Never my Blessing . . . Only a Lesson

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Once I thought you were the one. I never imagined myself being the one, the one that constantly felt like merely a lesson and never your blessing. No I was not your blessing, but you were damn sure my lesson. After 15 years of the constant in and out of my life, now no more. I now truly understand what all of this was for. Making me feel unworthy and not good enough, all just to ensure I remained your lady of convenience forevermore. To take advantage of someone's feelings is a true FUCK BOY move. Blaming the one that cared like no other to ease your conscious so you don't have to bother. Nothing in your life will ever be right, remaining selfish and pretending to be unaware. For so long I allow you to carry-on without a care hurting me and breaking me down, I used to HATE you but no more. I appreciate you for being the lesson that brought so many lessons for me to gain from. My Self-Worth, and Self-Love broken down partly because of you, but doing better now that I have realized the truth. The truth is you never cared, I know you never did that is why it meant nothing to to take advantage of all the love and loyalty that I had to give. Hard to get over someone that your still in-love with but the pain will fade and so will this once friendship that you made me believe was so real. No more contact just let it go . . . pay attention to all my words and please let me go.

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