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~Back 2 Me ~

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Last year I began a journey back to me. What I mean when I say back to me is getting back to my true self and rediscovering myself and my true purpose in life. Over the years for various different reasons I have lost myself and finding my way back to my true self has at times have been difficult. I am a fighter so I will continue to fight within to rediscover me. One of my book projects set to be released in December of this year is about my journey; this blog will give you insights to myself. I have given myself tasks throughout that I feel will bring me closer to finding myself. The first task was to write a letter explaining why I am the way I am and making a list of people that I wanted to to share that piece of myself with. Transparency, letting my guard down , and trust were within the first task linked to the letter. The next blog will be out the reactions of everyone that I gave that letter to and why it took me over a year to share this letter that I wrote.

Welcome to the blog of TheBrilliantBeauty . . . I look forward to you getting to know me.
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