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Fasting With a Purpose

What does fasting mean?

Fasting is the abstaining from all or some kinds of food or drink, especially as a religious observance.

My reason for fasting is to rebuild my faith and relationship with God, as well as my trust. With this fast I know that my inner-strength will be tested and I know that this will take discipline and prayer to get through the fast that has been shown to be best for me. I know that this fast will bring me back to where I once was at with God and my purpose in life will be revealed if it is time for me to know my purpose.

Fasting Begins . . .

My fast will be from December 1,2018 9am CST through December 31,2018 9am CST. During this fast there will be no Social Media. This is something that I seek pleasure in that I will be replacing with Devotionals, Meditation, Prayer, and Yoga. Those times that I would open one of those apps just for fun are removed for the next 31 days and I know I will get through it. During this fast there will also be absolutely no alcohol or liquor of any kind for no reason. From 9 am -5 pm I will not be eating any food or drinking any kind excluding water. During the time I would eat breakfast I will partake in Devotionals instead and Pray and meditate instead. During those times of lunch I will pray instead. Keeping myself hydrated during this time. Then from 6 pm - 9 am I will read a book of literature related to getting closer to God and do Yoga, Pray and Rest while continuing to keep myself hydrated.

My Fasting Break down

Twenty-three hours of no food and drink excluding water.

First 8 hours of fast

Daily Devotional, Prayer, and Meditation -- In place of Breakfast

Prayer -- In place of Lunch

Fast Break for 1 hour -- Allow Nourishment to my body after Prayer

Last 15 hours of fast

Prayer and Yoga after Nourishment

Reading literature related to getting closer to God



* Everything else in my life will continue as normal with work, looking for work, and working on my book project.

I know that this month will be a trying month for myself, but I will get through it. I refuse to let these demons take over me when I am at my lowest. At 29 years old this is not where I thought my life would be, but I am understanding now what I had plan was not apart of my plan, or at least not yet. I do know that everything happens for a reason and things will become clear to me when it is my time.

This book was sent to me by the author Darlyshia A Menzie Founder of FervantServant at a point in my life that I had been on my journey of self-rediscovery and trying to rebuild my faith and relationship with God and I was trying to figure out the tools to do so. It is like she just knew I needed this as one of my tools. This book has been eye opening and helpful to me with my journey and I am grateful for that. I discuss my take aways from this book in Episode 2 of my podcast. I love that I am finally realizing things that have been right in front of me this entire time; things that I did not notice until I read this book. Click on the picture to check out her website to get your copy and also see what she is all about.

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