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Being Single . . . Is It Okay ?

Umm . . . Hell yes it is more than okay to be single. Or maybe I'm a little bias who knows.

Being single is not always a bad thing, sometimes it is what some people need in order to find themselves and truly learn to love themselves. It can be hard to love someone when your figuring out how to love yourself. Far too often so many of us, both men and women dive all into these "relationships" when we aren't ready. This causes relationships to fail in a way that could have been avoided if we took the time to get know ourselves and learn how to be by ourselves.

Being by yourself is important, in fact it is key to any successful relationship. If you don't know how to be happy by yourself, how the hell do you expect to be able to make the next person happy. Mind, Body, Soul has to be intact or at least on the road to completion before you can have that true healthy and loving relationship. Don't focus so much on your relationship status as a negative; instead think of all the positive things that you can accomplish if you just focus on yourself and making yourself better for yourself. A lot of times those in some of the most health and happy relationships found that when they were working on themselves for themselves.

You see when you work on yourself for yourself , you learn what you like/dislike, what your hobbies are, and what truly brings you peace and happiness. If you have peace and happiness within self, it will exude from within and attract the being that is made especially for you. Sometimes you are single because the person that is meant for you is taking the time to learn and love themselves the same way that you should be.

Being Single . . . Yes it is okay .

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