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2019 Virtual Vision Board

My goals for 2019, they have been in my head since last year and I have been actively working on them, but I am just now putting them out there. Enjoy the imagery of my virtual vision board then read my goals below . . . then everything will make sense.

Goal # 1: Get back into shape and become my own body goals. But for now, Serena Williams and Dascha Polanco combined is what I am aiming for. I am a realistic and that is why the two of them combined is what I am going for.I have a very muscular build but my hips and breasts are large, so I know that that is what the result will be. Plus I want to keep that softer look even though I have the muscles. I have finally learned to accept and love my muscles and my curves, I am just want to get in shape to keep my body right.

Goal #2: Get my businesses in order and fully functioning and legally running. I have been working on my crafts and figuring out what I want to do and allowing God to steer me in the direction that he wants me to be in. By the end of this year ABM Design & Services will be fully functioning with two employees and The BrilliantBeauty will be a brand. I will also have the Youth Outreach center planning complete.

Goal #3: Get my credit score between 600-680 by the end of the year. I am going to do this by getting a handle on my student loan debt and clearing up anything that I have in collections. 96% of my debt is student loans.

Goal #4: Save up $5,000 by the end of the year towards a down payment on my future house. I have 9 more months to make this happen. 9 months at $555.55 per month can get me there.

Goal #5: Be able to use Meditation & Yoga to center my mind and body. I feel that this will keep me in positive mindset and relaxed, which will ultimately help me stay focused and accomplish my goals, all of them.

Goal #6: Publish 5 quality books by the end of the year. The books that I will publish this year is Not Cut Out 4 Love pt. 2 and pt.3, that will complete the series. I will also publish Ending it all . . . , Melanie, and 4 Short Stories. I already have a schedule. I am a little behind but after this weekend I will be back on track.

Goal #7: Sale at least 1,000 books by the end of the year from my own promo and advertising. That is not one particular book, that is just out of all of the books that I have published period.

Goal #8: Loving myself fully and understanding my self-worth whole heartily. I struggle so much this and that is why I am single and will remain single until I can truly love myself and know my worth completely. Too many people get into relationships with this and that is where there the problem lies with relationships and marriages failing. It is at least part of the reason.Self-Love will be accomplished by end of the year.

Goal #9: Last but certainly not least, Accepting and believing that God has a plan for me and I cannot rush him. I understand that things come when they are supposed to and when things are meant to be they will be. By the end of the year I will be at the point where I am not doubting God and I can truly just go with the flow.

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